A society that fails to defend the most basic rights of its most vulnerable members is doomed to its own destruction.

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Many people discount the validity of a man's thoughts on abortion. After all, it's not his body, he doesn't have to carry the baby around, what does he know about anything? On this page, I'm trying hard to provide solid information, and let you come to your own conclusions. I hope that even if you think men have little or no right to discuss abortion, you will at least give me the benefit of the doubt for a few minutes. As an expectant father, watching the development of our child in my wife's womb, I could not fathom anyone choosing to kill that miracle. Since our son was born, I see him each day as our own personal miracle, and it sickens me that someone would cast aside that miracle in the same manner as one would remove and discard a tumor.

In cases of rape, pregnancy is very rare, especially if the rape is reported immediately and a D&C is done to gather evidence. I know it happens sometimes anyway. Even though I think rape is terrible, in many ways worse than murder, I cannot understand rationalizing the killing of an unborn child. The community has the responsibility to bring the rapist to justice, and to support the victim with all the effects of the rape. Killing the child is not the solution.

A society that fails to defend the most basic rights of its most vulnerable members (who have never had the ability to speak for themselves) is doomed to its own destruction by greed, selfishness, and materialism. This is the foundation of my views on abortion.

To those who proclaim "I would never have an abortion, but I believe they should be available for others," I ask this: Why is abortion good enough for others but not for yourself? How little do you think of women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant that you would wish this invasive procedure on them while not even considering it for yourself? Why would you not stand up for these women (and their unborn children) and help them find an alternative to murdering their own babies? Why would you teach our daughters that they can be irresponsible and someone will come along with a magic cure? Why would you have them undergo a medical procedure three times as dangerous as giving birth? There are support groups for women who have undergone abortions. If it's just a simple office procedure, why do thousands of women commit suicide after having an abortion? There's more to it than ending a pregnancy.

Abortion is a band-aid, not a cure

Abortion targets the symptom of a problem. Band-aids cover the wound; they don't heal it. Cough syrup silences the cough; it doesn't cure the cold. Having an abortion just means you're no longer pregnant; The circumstances that caused the pregnancy are still there. For rape and/or incest victims, the abortion doesn't undo or stop the abuse. For girls or women who simply didn't expect to become pregnant, abortion doesn't undo the fact they were enaging in the activity that naturally causes pregnancy. Peddling abortion as a solution in these circumstances is a gross disservice; the underlying problem is still there.

By pushing abortion as a solution, we let down the people who need real help. A sexual abuse victim needs someone to intervene and stop the abuse. Abortion protects the abuser and subjects the victim to even more trauma. Pregnant teens need love and support from their families, and guidance to help them make better decisions in the future. They specifically need to learn that their choices have consequences, and that often there is no quick fix. Shame on anyone who pushes a scared child to have an abortion, convincing her that it's a simple procedure and that it will solve all her problems.

It's time to stop sweeping the problem under the rug. We're teaching our children that their choices don't matter, that any bad decision they make can be undone, and ultimately, they should do whatever makes them happy. Life is tough, and it takes good parenting to give our children the skills to become good adults. They need to learn responsibility, and that they can rely on their parents for support through difficult times.

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