Nick and Holly's Wedding

Website back in action. December 26th, 2008

There were some changes to the webserver that caused to be unavailable. The necessary fix has been made.

Pictures Available! November 19th, 2007

We have wedding pictures available online, including all of our professional photographers pictures, and selections from various friend and family. We will be adding new pictures as the days and weeks progress, so check back every so often. =)

See our new photos section.

Updated Registry, RSVPs coming in August 13th, 2007

Updated the links on the registry page. They now point directly to our registries. We've also added a few new odds and ends to the registry.

RSVP cards have been coming in at a good clip. We're really excited to see everyone who is attending.

New look. August 6th, 2007

The new pictures are up. In descending order, they are:

  • At a nearby Vineyard just before Winter 2005
  • At Bridal Veil Lakes, during a planning trip Summer 2006.
  • On the Oregon coast, Summer 2004.
  • Hong Kong, Fall 2006
  • Aaron and Krystal's wedding, Summer 2004
New look. August 5th, 2007

Not only does the website have a new design, but Holly's also selected someone to handle her makeup on the big day.

PS- We'll add new pictures on the sidebar very soon.

Wedding start time. August 5th, 2007

The wedding will start at 4:00PM on September 2nd, 2007.

Gift registries, invitations, and cake, oh my. August 2nd, 2007

The details are starting to come together. The invitations are out and the cake has been ordered. We think you'll all like our selection. It is a little non-traditional, but oh so very tasty. We've also put together several gift registries for those who're interested. See our registry page for the details.

Holly with her boquet photo by T.N. Bridesmaids with umbrellas photo by New Moon Photography Wedding Party photo by New Moon Photography Bridesmaids leaning photo by New Moon Photography Bride and Groom dancing, photo by J.B. photo by J.B.